Reservation system

Features and tools
Definition of the hotel
Basic definitions
Definition of the hotel
Define the room
Rules of extradition
hotel facilities
Sunni rules
Room Rating and Inventory Management
Define room rates periodically and unlimited
Show room inventory as (graphs and table)
Input and output of rooms
Define the discount code for sales for agencies
Rating on rooms on a daily basis
Define customer discount group based on hotel and room
Hotel services
Define hotel services
Periodically and unlimited service services
Online hotel sales
Sale of rooms with hotel services
Change room type in definite reservations
Manage sales reform
Online sales of single hotel
Booking several rooms simultaneously in a booking
Room reservation online or on request
Ability to discount online for casual passengers
Pricing and regulating discount rate by customers
Simple and accessible users
Complete comprehensive customer information
Ability to modify bookings completely online
Define the intra-organization users
Define Access Levels
Define financial credit and time credit
Manage payments
Pay online